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sense that morsi's end is near, wolf. >> all right. standby. ivan watson is there. we'll day care a quick break and resume our special coverage of the latest developments in egypt right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the ready-for-anything chevrolet sonic chevrolet. find new roads. >>> we're following the breaking news, historic news emerging from egypt right now. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the top advisor to the egyptian president says there is a military coupe now under way to try to remover him from power. ben wedeman is standing by. he's at the pro-morsi rally. tell us what you're hearing. >> reporter: what we're hearing is some angry words from the people. they don't believe what they're hearing in some of the media here in egypt that for instance president morsi is under house arrest. they believe he's in control of the country. what we're hearing is they plan on staying here in an open-ended protest sit in if that is the case. many of them will tell you they feel president morsi is the object of a con
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place in egypt. he is calling for the swift return to civilian government there. ivan watson has been watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in the street. what is the latest on these arrests that is so disconcerting to our government here? >> reporter: well, i think there have been reports trickling out from a shrinking number of muslim brother officials warning about the closure of three pro muslim brotherhood tv stations in the last couple of hours including -- not including an al jazeera affiliate tv station here and the arrest of at least one of the tv stations of staff employees at that station. so that is providing in the background a bit of an ominous back drop to the enormous party that we are still seeing here in tahrir square with fireworks still going on, the biggest party i have seen here since basically the overthrow, the ousting of hosni mubarak in 2011. it's very clear that some of the egyptian security forces seem to be going after some of the organs of influence and information distribution that were in the hands of the muslim brotherhood when the statement
the result now. >> ivan watson, we have the first democratically elected president of egypt deposed in a year in what many call a coup. the military effectively acted on behalf of the people. where does it leave democracy in egypt? democracy that everyone celebrate with the arab spring now looks to be in tatters. >> well, that's a good question. certainly the electoral process has been shaken, if not smashed. now the question comes up the next president who comes in, people get frustrated because there are fuel shortages or some other complaint. can they come out in the streets and protest and topple that person when they are sick of them? that is an argument that the people who are still firing fireworks here behind us, they don't seem to really want to hear that. when you mention the word coup to them many get angry and insist this is not a coup that the army is simply carrying out the will of the people who got frustrated at undemocratic moves made by the president morsi himself. of course his backers are very much following this military coup and there are some signs to suggest it is beca
anderson and ivan watson, who with paint more of a picture of what's going on. first, i want to start with becky. the response, i think a lot of people have been taken aback at how quickly this all unfolded. the protests are relatively recent, the military gives a 48-hour ultimatum to president morsi. he doesn't achieve any success with the protesters, there's no political solution, and that's it, he's out pretty quick for a middle eastern koup. >> absolutely. it was really remarkable, just 24 hours ago, we heard from president morsi. he made his speech, a 45-minute speech to the nation, long in rhetor rhetoric, short in specifics, but some 50 times he talked about being the legitimate president of egypt. he was talking to his constituents, effect tiff live. people will tell you he was effectively fluffing the military, that had basically gave him 48 hours or get out, and that's exactly what they did. you pointed out only 48 hours ago, it seems not quite as big here in tahrir square, by what's called the rebel movement, a huge coalition of opposition group, really making their voices
says president morsy is under house arrest tonight. we'll have more with ivan watson live on the scene. >>> first a day of crucial testimony in the zimmerman trial. the gun. >> that's all someone would need to do to fire a shot, if it was fully loaded? >> yes. >> the hoodie. >> do you know whose blood that was? >> i got a partial dna profile and that matched trayvon martin. >> the dna. >> this would be a buckle swab taken from george zimmerman. >> i'll ask my experts where does the case stand now with the prosecution winding down the case and the zimmerman trial in black and white. my exclusive with the man that defended o.j. simpson and his trial. he'll tell me whether he thinks zimmerman should take the stand. >>> beginning with martin savidge outside the court live in sanford, florida. martin, another day, another gripping day of what could be vital testimony, the gun, the dna and so on. tell me about what happened today. >> yeah, a lot of forensics, piers. experts and evidence. much of the afternoon talking about dna, specifically whose dna was found where or not found. and the foc
are moving fast. not an overstatement to say no one knows what happens next. ben weedman and ivan watson join us. but first, i want to bring in a spokesman for the muslim brotherhood who joins us by phone. at this point, do you know where president morsy is right now? >> yeah. he's under house arrest at the president guard headquarters. >> there have been reports that as many as 300 muslim brotherhood members, that there are arrest warrants out for them. is that what you understand? >> yes. i can only confirm that the head of the party and the previous head of the elected egyptian parliament, as well as the leader of the muslim brotherhood. >> supporters of this action by the military say this is not a coup. they say this is the will of the egyptian people that has been demonstrated in the massive turnouts over the last several days throughout egypt. to you, what is this and what happens next >> i am afraid that is a pathetic excuse. everyone saw the images on tv. the military decided to side track the democratic process and decided to topple the democratically elected president. [ indiscerni
coverage with ivan watson. what a day, ivan. set the scene. >> reporter: well, it was about two hours ago that the top egyptian military commander went on the air and made this announcement that the constitution would be suspended, and basically the most senior judge in the country would be declared interim president. that's when the crowd here just exploded, and the party has been going on ever since. what was really remarkable is you look out across cairo, and in other neighbors, the fireworks are still going on. 23409 just here in tahrir square, as military helicopters periodically circle overhead. that just revs up the crowd even more. this coming after several days of rival protests between supporters of now i guess the deposed and first elected egyptian president mohammed morsi, and then his points. some of those activists, militants clashed. at least 18 people were killed here in cairo last night alone. i watched as ejepgs shoulders, police were deployed. what was also remarkable is they weren't doing it around they andy-morsist protesters. supporter of mo hamed morsi. the muslim b
right now according to the egyptian military. cnn's ivan watson is watching what's going on. ivan, i take it you're not far away from the -- the anti-morsi demonstrators, that is right? >> reporter: that's right. tahrir square is behind me. and the moment that the announcement was made that the constitution be suspended, a huge cheer erupted behind me. and now the fireworks are not only going off here in tahrir square, but i can see from my view, my vantage point here, fireworks in different neighborhoods across central cairo as some egyptians are applauding and celebrating this move by the defense ministry announcing the suspension of the constitution and declaring what they're describing as a roadmap forward for future presidential elections. the people here are celebrating. we can be guaranteed that the supporters of mohamed morsi, who predominantly come from the muslim brotherhood, are probably very angry right now. they have been warning about what they are describing as a milita military coup? wolf? >> stand by for a moment, ivan watson. i want to get immediate u.s. reaction. d
for the uprising of 2011. >> i want to bring in senior international correspondent ivan watson. thanks for being here. within of the big questions is where exactly is the now former president mohamed morsi? what have you been able to find out? >> that's a good question. a lot of people are asking that. that's what i asked his spokesman for the muslim brotherhood in the north of cairo at a huge camp-out, a protest sit-in being conducted by muslim brotherhood there and surrounded by a ring of steel of egyptian military armored per n personnel carriers and soldiers surrounding that area. listen to an excerpt i had with this muslim brotherhood spokesman. what is the situation now of mohamed morsi himself? do you know where he is and what condition he's in? >> we have not spoke with him, there are no direct communications with him. as far as we know, he was detained at the presidential palace and then taken to the presidential headquarters and then afterwards, last night, about 5:00 a.m., he was moved to the ministry of defense and separated from his presidential team. >> so, jake, that's the latest
'll have more with ivan watson live on the scene. >>> first a day of crucial testimony in the zimmerman trial. the gun. >> that's all someone would need to do to fire a shot, if it was fully loaded? >> yes. >> the hoodie. >> do you know whose blood that was? >> i got a partial dna profile and that matched trayvon martin. >> the dna. >> this would be a buckle swab taken from george zimmerman. >> i'll ask my experts where does the case stand
for now. let's go straight to cairo to cnn's ivan watson with, again, my question as we look, ivan, as the dark has fallen now, i can hear the noises and i know i've seen the fireworks and the masses. why did the folks return? they got -- morsi's gone. why are they back tonight? >> reporter: well, first of all, thursday night is the beginning of the egyptian weekend. so people are out to party. yeah, there's still euphoria and joy here in cairo's central tahrir square. fireworks going off. the crowds enormous, not quite as big as last night. but they are significant. throughout the day, residents of this city were treated to remarkable aerial display by the egyptian air force. which were flying maneuvers over the egyptian capital. drawing the shape of a heart with their vapor trails. also the colors that the egyptian flag. cheered on by many residents i saw out here in the street. while this is going on, this celebration, it has also been the night of the long knives. because the egyptian security forces have shut down at least three pro-muslim brotherhood tv stations. arrested som
right, thank you very much for that, ivan watson, and the crowd getting enormous behind you in tahrir square, even though it is midnight in cairo. >>> up next, was what happened in egypt a coup or not? this is a very, very sensitive subject, a lot of debate going on. we'll show you why the distinction is so important. >>> and we'll also talk about the rapid developments unfolding right now. the egyptian ambassador is standing by to join us live this hour right here in "the situation room." just by talki. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dy
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13